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Is this blog for you?

Do you like to post beautiful images that display Islamic messages on Facebook or Instagram?
Maybe images that show a verse from the Quran, a hadith or a quote by an Islamic scholar?

If you said yes and you are a Muslimah then welcome!

I am here to show you that you can use your love for Islam and inspirational images as a starting point to embark on your own creative journey!

I am here to help you find the inspiration you need to light the creative spark within you so that you can start using your creativity as a tool to spread Allah’s deen.

Together we will rise and shine, in shaa Allah!

Dream big. Make dua. Dive into action.

What if I tell you that:
– you can easily master the basic rules of art and design?
– you only need to take small but consistent steps, and not necessarily possess any special talents, to learn to make your own Islamic reminders?
– you can make a halal living from home creating and selling Islamic reminders online or offline?
– you can get started with free resources that are excellent and within your reach?
– when you get expert help and peer support, building a creative habit becomes easier for you?


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Don’t you love to curl up on your bed with your bestie, and talk about heart matters with joyful squeaks and care-free giggles over a cup of hot coffee in hand!

I like that, too! But it feels icky to be hair let down and shins showing in the privacy of our own home kind of open where any non-mahram surfing the net may find us online.

That’s why the juicy stuff that I lovingly prepare for you are stashed away out of sight of men. Once you join you will be handed a password, in shaa Allah. It is the key you need to open locked content in a non-mahram-free environment.

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What interests you?

Early news of limited-spot 1-to-1 creativity coaching
Flourish as a Muslimah creative from an ibadah-first perspective under my direct guidance. Learn the tips and mindset techniques aimed to help you become your best creative self by  Allah’s Grace.

Making a halal living selling Islamic reminders
Build your own creative business as a way to fund your creative activities. Plus, you get to help enhance the deen-learning experience of today’s Muslims.

An invitation to a FREE 7-day creativity coaching
Commit to 30 minutes for 7 days for a soul-enriching FREE creativity coaching. This is your call to finally jumpstart your creative life despite your everyday responsibilities or setbacks like a major illness.

BONUS! Submit all assignments and win a 60-minute Skype session. I am here to gently guide you to an easy system that will enable you to experience the joy of creating regularly based on what I know about you from your submissions.

Get an inside view of my own work as an artist and designer working to spread Islam. You are privy to my thought processes and work-in-progress images that I don’t  feel comfortable sharing publicly as generously as I do with the invite-only community.

Coupon codes for ebooks and online courses
Time-sensitive flash sales delivered straight to your inbox. So rare that they don’t appear anywhere else. That’s my way of thanking you for having me in your precious email space. Psst! You can use the money you save to buy some new art materials that you have been eyeing for a while. You are welcome!

Halal humour from the Muslimah life
The lighter stuff that make us laugh. Like, epic cooking fail stories and chitchat on important haya-saving skills like the art of smuggling a sandwich under your niqab to silence your growling tummy in a public place! After all, life is not always a serious affair, right?

An opportunity to ask me questions
Asking meaningful questions and getting directions from those who have started the journey before you puts you on a fast track to growth. Why waste time reinventing the wheel when can make the best use of the help available to you instead?

Ahem! Ahem! Don’t be surprised if there is more!
What if  you can hang out with other Muslimah creatives in a private Facebook group and benefit from belonging to a community of like-minded people?

BONUS! Islam teaches us to work united as a community. Be a helpful member dedicated to lifting other members with inspiration and constructive feedback and enjoy special offers that I have saved only for community builders like you.

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Who is behind this blog?

Assalamu ‘alaikum!

So you wanna get to know me!

I am Sanjida Shaheed. I am your host here on this blog. Your sister and teacher who would love to guide you when you occasionally lose your way on your creative journey.

Look, I understand that you don’t think that you have the time or talent to do anything creative. You are not alone. I have experienced what it’s like to feel that the creative life is not for me even after getting years of higher education, brilliant results and job experiences in creative fields.

By Allah’s Grace, I know now why I must nurture my creativity to serve Allah instead of pushing it to the back of my consciousness. And I am here to help you figure out how to do so, too.

Often love between two people intensifies not because of beauty or some advantage, but because of sheer spiritual affinity.
– Imam Ghazali


Fi amanillah!